Xagiati Guesthouse

On the foot of Kaimaktsalan at a bright green mountain landscape, just 100km from Thessalonica the traditional guesthouse Chagiati is located.

It is the best destination to escape from stress and the daily routine of the city. Taste the "water of life" from the Sources which offer curative properties or escape to the ski center.

Our new built guesthouse has as a main construction characteristic the stone and the wood and was made with love and warmth for fond of traditional luxury.

  • fireplace
  • hydromassage or sauna
  • LCD TV
  • kitchen
  • private parking
  • yard
  • mountain and canyon view
  • BBQ

Loutraki Aridaia, Pozar

Phone: 2384091423

Phone: 6946066130

Email: info@xenonas-hagiati.gr